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The Supreme Court has ruled that you must take care, or exercise "due diligence" to secure your financial check documents. If it can be proven that you did not, you may be held liable for losses - not your financial institution.

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Check Security

  • Padlock Icon. A symbol indicating that security features present in the bank check are described in the Warning Box on the back.
  • Account Number Verification. Helps prevent MICR code line tampering.
  • Micro Printing. A line of type normally too small to photocopy clearly.
  • Security Screen. The words "Original Document" printed lightly so bank checks are more difficult to duplicate.
  • Erasure Protection. Intended to reveal a white spot if someone tries to erase the printing on the bank check.
  • Design. Intricate patterns, designs, and colors that make it more difficult to alter the document.
  • Chemically Sensitive Paper. Special paper on which erasures, stains or spots may appear if a fraud perpetrator uses chemicals to alter handwritten information on your checks.
  • Added Fraud Deterrents. Deluxe incorporates foil and embossing on selected business and personal check designs. In addition to adding design accents, these features help protect checks by making them more difficult to reproduce.

Each member of AMOCA, American Mail Order Association (AMOCA) agrees to follow the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI)* high criteria for check printing, the same standards followed by all accepted financial institutions.

AMOCA was formed to represent some of America's leading direct mail check companies.

AMOCA instituted Fraud Alert, a procedure to identify and prevent unauthorized orders of checks. The organization acts as a clearing house for suspected fraudulent check order requests. If one AMOCA member discovers a possible unauthorized order, the other members are notified within 24 hours to stop the check order from being processed.

Checks under the AMOCA guarantee are printed with all of the same specifications required of any financial institution and therefore must be accepted by them in the course of daily banking.

Additional security measures on all our checks are:

• The LOCK icon to the right of the word "Dollars", indicating to the Bank or Credit Union that the check contains security features that will help them detect a copy from the original document
• The MP icon, indicating that micro-security print is used in the design. This is very small print that will break up if it is photocopied
• panel, on the check reverse, describing some of the security features incorporated into the check design


* The American National Standards Institute or ANSI (pronounced "an-see") is a private nonprofit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in the United States. The organization also coordinates U.S. standards with international standards so that American products can be used worldwide. For example, standards make sure that people who own cameras can find the film they need for them anywhere around the globe.

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